Medical Technology Association of Japan(MTJAPAN) is an organization that promotes Japan’s healthcare industry. It has a membership of over 250 companies.MTJAPAN member companies provide safe and innovative medical device technology. MTJAPAN is the new name for the former Japan Medical Devices Manufacturers Association (JMED) as of October 2013.

The total value of shipments made by member companies exceeds 1.6 trillion yen, accounting for more than 50 percent of Japan’s medical devices market.

MTJAPAN will contribute to improving the quality of healthcare in Japan and around the world and promoting Japan’s medical device technology industry through prompt provision of safe and further innovative medical device technology.

The global market for medical devices is enormous, valued at over 36 trillion yen and on a scale of about twelve times the size of Japan’s market. With aging populations around the world and along with the economic growth of emerging countries, this market is projected to expand considerably in the future. In addition, it is expected that the needs for medical devices, such as medical cost efficiency, less-invasiveness and innovation will increasingly grow.

Through provision of valuable products and services that meet these needs, MTJAPAN aims to contribute to the world’s healthcare and will proactively promote internationalization of Japan’s medical devices industry, helping to bring Japan’s regulations and standards into line with global practices and providing support for member companies to advance into overseas markets.

Furthermore, making use of the strengths of Japanese medical devices, MTJAPAN will increase support for efforts made to improve the quality and safety of healthcare in China and other countries of Asia and the world.

MTJAPAN intends to serve as a bridge between Japan’s medical device manufacturers and the world’s healthcare professionals, to upgrade the level of Japan’s medical devices and provide safer and more comfortable healthcare.

MTJAPAN looks forward to your continuing support and cooperation.

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