List of products

The products that MTJAPAN's member companies deal with vary widely, including not only basic medical devices such as those for blood transfusion and fluid infusion but also instruments and materials such as hemodialysis apparatuses, artificial heart-lung apparatuses, blood purifiers, cardiac valve prostheses, vascular catheters, artificial joints and wound covering materials, and home care products for home peritoneal dialysis, home oxygen therapy, etc. Our member companies are also making strenuous efforts to develop artificial organs and new medical materials, applying the results of rapidly advancing researches on advanced medicine and regenerative medicine to them.

Devices for blood transfusion/fluid infusion
  • Devices for blood transfusion/fluid infusion
  • Injection needles and syringes
Hemodialysis-related products
  • Hemodialysis equipment
  • Dialyzers
  • Blood circuits
Cardiovascular-related products
  • Artificial heart-lung apparatus
  • Artificial lung
  • IABP
  • Heart-lung circuits
  • Cardiac valve prostheses
  • Extracorporal circulation cannulas
Plasma exchange-related products
  • Blood purifiers
  • Membrane plasma separators
  • Plasma component adsorbents
  • Blood filters
Products for surgery and patient care
  • Surgical gloves
  • Non-woven products
  • Bags
  • Stoma-related products
Catheters for general use
  • Gastrointestinal catheters
  • Renal catheters
  • Drain tubes
  • Respiratory catheters
  • Ventricular drainages
Vascular catheters
  • Catheters for angiography
  • Catheters for coronary artery surgery
  • Catheters for intravascular surgery
  • Thermodilution catheters
  • Central venous catheters
  • Catheters for anti-arrhythmic treatment
  • Other intravascular cathethers
General implants
  • Artificial blood vessels
  • Stent grafts
  • Artificial dura mater
  • Hemostasic adhesives
  • Non-vascular stents
  • Cerebrovascular clips
  • Artificial fiber cloths for tissue substitution
  • Staplers
  • Microfiber collagen
  • Artificial esophagus
  • Stent
Orthopedic implant-related products
  • Artificial joints
  • Fixative materials
  • Artificial bones
  • Bone cement
Wound coverings materials
  • Grafts for lack of skin
  • Various dressings
Home care-related products
  • Home peritoneal dialysis-related products
  • Home enteral tube feeding-related products
  • Home oxygen therapy apparatus
  • Home pain control-related products